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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thinking Inside The Box - by Kirk Cheyfitz - Reading Suggestions & CONTENTS

Reading Suggestions

Reading Time: 5-6 hours, 272 pages in book

Using his subtitle, “The 12 Timeless Rules for Managing a Successful Business,” the author organizes his book around the twelve rules, with one chapter devoted to each fundamental rule, each being a plank “in the box.” Although the rules, and therefore the chapters, are somewhat sequential (he begins with the fundamentals of profits, cash flow management, and expenses, proceeds through customers, marketing, and growth strategies, concluding, logically, with exit strategies), it is possible to read any of the chapters without reading previous chapters.

We recommend reading, at minimum, the introduction, “Read This First: Don’t Do Anything Stupid,” followed by Chapter 1, “The Basic Box: Some Things Never Change.” At the beginning of each chapter, the author presents the rule—usually in one sentence—that is detailed in the chapter, and at the end of the chapter, he provides a numbered summary of the key points, making it possible to read through the book selectively. However, Cheyfitz’s book is written with such wit and humor, that although readers might be attempted to skim, they will, very likely, find themselves reading each chapter.


Chapter 1: The Basic Box: Some Things Never Change
Chapter 2: The Jack in The Box: Profits
Chapter 3: The Money Box: Cash Is Everything
Chapter 4: The Bottom-Line Box: Knowing What Can Be Controlled and What Can’t
Chapter 5: The Box Top: Customers Are the Boss
Chapter 6: The Marketing Box: Unifying the Whole Business
Chapter 7: The Getting-Bigger-Faster Box: If You Can Buy It, Don’t Start It Up
Chapter 8: The People Box: Hire Smart or Manage Hard
Chapter 9: The Treasure Box: Secure the Real Assets
Chapter 10: The Ends-Over-Means Box: Results Are More Important Than Process
Chapter 11: The Renewable Box: Nothing Lasts Forever
Chapter 12: The Houdini Box: Have an Exit Strategy


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