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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thinking Inside The Box - The 12 Timeless Rules for Managing a Successful Business - by Kirk Cheyfitz - Introduction


“Thinking outside the box” may be the most frequently, and freely, dispensed piece of advice in American business circles in the last decade. It is not necessarily bad advice. However, according to journalist and self-taught media entrepreneur Kirk Cheyfitz, many managers and business owners cannot “think outside of the box” because they do not know how to “think within the box,” nor do they truly know what “The Box” is. A look at business past and present reveals the existence of certain unchanging, timeless rules—“The Box.” The corollary to this premise is that managing a business requires neither genius nor constant invention. Rather, good, and therefore successful, business management is largely the result of paying attention to history and to present reality while applying hard work and prudence.


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